Nature’s Fusion Glow Bar isn’t like other nutrition bars you’ll find at the supermarket. Each in the bar is a whole food all on its own. Our bar is created with minimal heat — which allows the ingredients to retaintain most of their nutrients.

Why Nature’s Fusion Glow Bar

Our bar was inspired by some of the first nutrition bars on the market, but our team took a different approach. Instead of creating a product containing with fillers, we strived to provide high-octane nutrition. Our bar contains multiple superfoods, fused together to create a food that will truly make you glow.

Our Mission

To create high-quality products, using real food from nature, that will ultimately make you feel good and glow inside and out.

How We Got Started

Nature’s Fusion Glow was founded by Nancy Priestly and Delorine Jackson because of a mutual goal to find healthy foods that simply make you feel good!

Nancy’s quest for better health began after her busy professional lifestyle left her so sick she could barely get through each day. She stopped working completely and decided it was time to focus on her health. Nancy’s goal was to find a way to get healthy without using Western medicine.

Her search for better health took her around the world. You could say she went on her own Eat, Pray, Love type journey. She followed an organic and raw philosophy and learned from each culture she visited. Her travels took her to Africa, India, and Pakistan to name a few.

When she returned to the United States, Nancy went to medical school. After only one year of improved nutrition, Nancy had recovered her body to where she was prior to her illness.

This stayed with Nancy for years as she continued to study food and the process of combining foods. Her life’s work from this point forward was to bring good, healthy food to people everywhere.

Delorine’s background follows a similar type of scenario, only it wasn’t her that got sick. It was her son. Over the years he was diagnosed with a number of different allergies and symptoms. However, nothing seemed to fix his health and dietary problems. Delorine spent time and money trying to find the “good” foods. However, over and over again she discovered that everything tasted terrible.

She wanted to find foods that were not only healthy and safe for her son to eat, but also foods that catered to a mainstream taste. For her, it was about making her son feel normal again, and bringing the joy of food back into his life.

When the pair met, the connection was instant. Their partnership was built on a foundation of mutual respect and trust.

That’s what we hope to offer you at Nature’s Fusion Glow — a relationship built on respect and trust. We hope you know that we respect your wishes to care for your body and you can trust us to bring you only the highest quality foods.

Have questions or want to learn more? We are happy to help.